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Membership Program

Save up to 25% on our hand-poured, soy candles!

Membership Benefits

  • Just Purchase! No Start up Membership fee or Annual fees.
  • Save up to 25% FOR LIFE. Why order from a Sales Representative, when the Savings can be applied to you!
  • South Beach Candle Co. is the Manufacturer, Club Member Does Not have to search for a sales representative in order to make a purchase.
  • No required monthly purchases. Club Member chooses when to purchase and how much.
  • South Beach Candle Co. will not mail Club members unwanted/unrequested products.
  • For every Friend referred by a Club Member placing a first time minimum purchase of $ 50.00, the Club Member will receive a gift with a value of $18.00.
  • Club Member purchases are shipped daily. You will NOT experience a delay on orders, as you may when purchasing from a direct salesperson.
  • You Feedback is valued and encouraged, as a Club Member you will receive FREE Samples on all upcoming products for your review.
  • All of our products are “Green” made using the highest quality of Soy wax with an exceptional aroma strength that lingers for hours.
  • Super SAVINGS!

Requirements for Club Membership & Savings

  • Bronze Member………….Initial Purchase of $50.00 or more…….. SAVE 10% FOR LIFE
  • Silver Member…………...Initial Purchase of $100.00 or more……. SAVE 15% FOR LIFE
  • Gold Member…………....Initial Purchase of $150.00 or more……. SAVE 20% FOR LIFE
  • Diamond Member………..Initial Purchase of $200.00 or more……. SAVE 25% FOR LIFE


  • Bronze and Silver………. 10% off on Shipping with a $ 25.00 purchase.
  • Gold and Diamond…….. 20% off on Shipping with a $ 40.00 purchase
  • FREE SHIPPING on ALL Orders of $ 75.00 or More

No need to sign up, you are automatically a member

when you make a purchase!